Ask yourself how many beans does a pomegranate contain? You can try and guess the number of beans or arils stowed in the astringent and fleshy pulp of this berry. You can count at least six hundred, of these ruby gems. Garnet red, like featured on the flag of the beautiful Andalusian city of Granada, the most famous processing center of this fruit.
We like to think of this bulbous fruit and crowned, also called “balaustio”, as a small kingdom and its vinous grains, as its bright inhabitants. Hundreds of polygon shaped seeds, divided only by a thin film ocher, almost transparent probably still waiting for a definition.
Those who still disbelieve that his berry contains so many beans, and those, with a dose of patience can count them and maybe give them a sense of honesty and fairness. As did the Jewish people by comparing them to the six hundred and thirteen mitzvot or inscriptions written in the Torah or like the Babylonians who chewed them before battle to become invincible.
With this fruit metaphors are amplified and meanings lost among the various civilizations that have attributed many symbolisms to this fruit.

How many beans has a pomegranate?
The secret of fertility could lie for example in the number of its own beans or maybe even because it was the first plant (the pomegranate tree) Venus deity planted in her garden in honor of Zeus. This metaphor would then passed throughout Europe to this day within the paintings of fourteen hundred artists, who used to put the pomegranate in the hands of mystical figures just like an apple for the hope for a new conception and as a donation from another being to mankind.


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