Literature and Poetry

Literature and Poetry

carducci pomegranate

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“I had all my joys, my hopes, my future wrapped around that child of mine; all the good things in my soul were...
Frivolous Pomegranate

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We read of pomegranate in Aesop's fables, too. As Fable n. 324 “The pomegranate, the apple tree and the bramble” goes, a Pomegranate, an...

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Once upon a time there was “Tantibambini”. It was a book series for children, directed by Bruno Munari during the 1970s, and edited by...
Pomegranate Bible

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In the Bible, Pomegranates are among the seven agricultural products of the Promised Land. It is interesting to notice that the two pillars in Solomon's...
The Pomegranate as a Symbol

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Rich in symbolism, this is a well being fruit. It represents abundance, richness, longevity, passionate love and fertility. This is also confirmed by Asian tradition,...