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Apparently, maths and nature have nothing to do with one another, but a closer look at some events can reveal astonishing coincidences. As Israeli...
Frivolous Pomegranate

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We read of pomegranate in Aesop's fables, too. As Fable n. 324 “The pomegranate, the apple tree and the bramble” goes, a Pomegranate, an...
Botticelli, La primavera, Galleria degli Uffizi

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Felice Casorati was an Italian painter; he was born in Novara in 1883 and died in Turin in 1963. When he talked about his work,...
Dali pomegranate

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Spanish Catalan painter Salvador Dali, like other surrealist artists, supported Freud's theory about dreams and looked at the world of the subconscious to draw...